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By the Great Wall of China

Moon Goddess

Toast Around the World:

Chinese: 干杯 / Ganbei (Gon-bay)

English Traslation: Dry Cup


The Chinese custom is that after the Ganbei toast is extended, you finish your drink, or dry your cup, in one gulp to show appreciation. It is seen as awkward and rude not to partake in this tradition after this toast, similar to walking past someone extending a fist bump or putting up a hand to high five.


We named the Moon Goddess after Chang’e, Chinese mythology’s goddess of the moon. Prior to becoming the moon spirit, she was known throughout China for her beauty; she had pale, milky skin, hair as black as night, and lips like cherry blossoms. She is best known for stealing the elixir of immortality. This drink is made with Lychee components such as popping lychee boba. Also known as the Chinese Strawberry, lychee is a sweet and floral flavored drupe with a poisonous seed in the center. It is considered the fruit of love and life in China, and is a symbol of love and romance. The drink gets it’s glowing hue from the addition of a violet liquor, which, in traditional Chinese symbolism, represents immortality.

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