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Hindi: बधाई हो  / Badhai ho (Ba-dhai ho)

English Translation: Congratulations


This drink was inspired by the Mango Lassi. The word “lassi” (la-see) comes from the Sanskrit word “lassiya” which means “to mix”. In Northern Indian culture, Lassi is considered a symbol of hospitality, generosity, and warmth, and is often served to guests at special occasions as a sign of welcome. Typically served after a meal to help aid digestion, lassi has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine to purify the body and spirit.


The earliest mentions of Lassi have been found in ancient Indian texts dating as far back as 1000 BC, where the benefits of the blended yogurt beverage are referred to. The drink has calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and these benefits are enhanced when combined with Mango, which is referred to as the king of fruits in India because of its medicinal and healing properties. Mango is also a symbol of fertility in India. Because of this fact, we have named our Mango Lassi inspired drink after Pavarti, the Hindu goddess of Fertility.

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