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Resplendent Quetzal

El Macua

Toast Around the World:

Spanish: ¡Salud! (Sa-lood)

English Translation: Health!


The national drink of Nicaragua originated in 2006 after a national competition sponsored by the Rum brand, Flor de Caña. The winning cocktail was El Macua, submitted by pediatrician Dr. Edmundo Miranda who said his wife, daughter and guava-loving son-in-law helped him perfect the formula. This drink is named after a tropical bird which has a long tradition in folklore of Central American countries, and magical or mystical properties are attributed either to its song or its nest. Nicaragua is home to many beautiful tropical birds such as the toucan and macaws. Tourists can reserve bird watching excursions, but we’re not sure if they can do it while simultaneously sipping Nicaragua’s National Drink. Only one way to find out.. ¡Salud!

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