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Machu Pichu

Pisco Sour

Toast Around the World:

Spanish: ¡Salud! (Sa-lood)

English Translation: Health!


It is a Peruvian tradition to toast during meals, often with a glass of Pisco, which is an unaged brandy made with leftover wine grapes produced in a specific geographical region: Pisco in the Ica district of southwestern Peru. It is also one of the main ingredients in the Pisco Sour, which is Peru’s national drink and the most popular pisco cocktail worldwide. The invention of the drink is attributed to an American bartender named Victor Vaughn Morris who moved to Peru in the early 1900s and opened Morris’ Bar in Lima in 1916. The modern iteration of this recipe was created by Mario Bruiget, a Peruvian bartender working at Morris’ Bar in the 1920s, when he added bitters and egg whites to the drink.

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