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Jackson's Best Old Fashioned

Toast Around the World: 

English: Cheers 

Every bar has its own version of the classic Old Fashioned, and while some of us are purists and others are experimentalists, we can all agree that the creation of this cocktail is worthy of celebration. This bar staple originated in Louisville, Kentucky in 1880 at a private social club called The Pendennis Club. The recipe is linked to bartender and bourbon distillery, James E. Pepper. Which makes sense since 95% of all bourbon is produced in Kentucky. In 2015 Louisville declared the Old Fashioned its official cocktail, and even celebrates the popular drink with a two week event called the Old Fashioned Fortnight every June.

Axe Play proclaims to have "Jackson's Best Old Fashion", though sweeter than most, it uses Maker's Mark whiskey, Fee Brothers Plum bitters and Filthy cherries. 

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